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3x3 Winter Series
The 3x3 is a series of three competitions other three months consisting of 3 elements per competition, being Dressage, Cones and an Obstathon
3x1: 28th May 2023
3x2: 30th July 2023
3x3: 27th August 2023



  1. VSE (under 91cm)

  1. Pony (91cm under 121cm)

  2. Pony (121cm ne 149cm)

  3. Horse (over 149cm)

  4. Multiples

Equines over 124 cm must have a groom.


Ribbons will be awarded to third place in each class. Prizes to third place will be awarded in each class for the whole competition based on the best TWO scores for the same combination.


The test will be as per the entry form.

Drivers should be well presented with aprons optional. 10 penalties if a caller is used. 


Will be run as a fault competition. You MUST include the wheel width you will be using in competition A and C on the entry form.



The Obstathon will consist of two marathon Obstacles gated to D and approximately 10 cone obstacles. It is a timed event. Each combination will drive the course twice. 5 seconds added for each ball down. Complying helmets mandatory for driver and groom.



$30 per Event

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