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National Show Driving Championships

The 2015 National Show Driving Championships was hosted by the Range Carriage Club, a growing and enthusiastic club based on the Darling Downs. The venue was chosen for its facilities and picturesque grounds as well as being central to those traveling north and south.


The Turnouts were a superb display of classic elegance, tradition and ingenuity. Diversity of both equines and vehicles along with well patronized classes(the Pleasure Turnout needing to be split due to large numbers) was very satisfying for spectators, competitors and organizers.


The Harness and Whip classes presented a level of carriage driving Queensland can be very proud of and it was encouraging to see several talented youngsters competing as Junior Drivers.


The following day, the Range Carriage Club conducted Cones Classic and Driven Dressage competitions to make the weekend complete.


Thank you to all those who competed and groomed as well as our wonderful judges, volunteers and sponsors. It was a huge effort and we were well-rewarded by witnessing such wonderful turnouts.


Jenni Murphy.

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